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Are you prepring for UPSC (CSAT), CAT, SSC or other Government Exams?

and struggling in Aptitude and Reasoning?

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We are the solution. Join our most affordable and most curative course for reasoning and aptitude for all exams be it UPSC/PCS (CSAT), SSC, CHSL, CAT (Common Admission Test) and all other exams where you find Maths and Reasoning Questions.

Exam Categories

Manthan Batch: General Batch for all Exams

Manthan batch is a comprehensive course tailored for students aiming to prepare for their exams well in advance. It provides thorough coverage of all concepts and skills systematically related to Aptitude and Reasoning. The course spans over 6 months, with access to course materials available for an extended period of 9 months. To inquire about current and upcoming batches, please visit the following link: [Manthan Batch Information]

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Our all Maths & Aptitude courses for UPSC/PSC (CSAT), CAT, SSC, CHSL and all other Government Exams. 

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Note: UPSC CSAT is available on IAS Circle Portal.